Thoughts on my lifestyle change and why I’m loving it.

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Six months ago, I decided to try a vegan diet (yes I’m one of those people). I wanted to cut off meats for a very long time before that, but since I’m “addicted” to the taste of meat, it was extremely hard to finally do so. I thought it would be a good idea to check in and let you guys know how it’s been so far. First off, I do not consider myself “a vegan” (I used to call myself that, but had to stop and face the facts…I’m not 100% vegan). I am following a mostly vegan diet for sure, however I learned that being a vegan involves so much more than that (its about the food, the clothing, the accessories and makeup etc…yeah I’m not about that life). I’ve also cheated a few times (about 4 times in 6 months…not bad!) and to be honest, I will probably “cheat” again. Some of my friends wondered why not just “give it up”, since I obviously loved meat, cheese, fish etc (I’m like the biggest foodie out there). Well, its because of the way I feel on this “mostly vegan diet”, which I like to call “veganish”. My veganish diet has increased my energy level, helped with my sleep and digestion. So far, so very good. And I’m finally getting used to prepping and creating delicious vegan recipes. I’m definitely having fun on this new “lifestyle”.

That being said, being a veganish is not that easy. Sure, I can control what I eat while I’m home and all, but the hardest part is eating out. Some restaurants still don’t know how to cook a tasty vegan meal. So when eating out with friends or family, its really hard to watch everyone else enjoying their food, while I’m chewing on some bland boring watery thing. A few weeks ago, I was attending a business conference and chose the vegan option. My plate consisted of steamed veggies, steamed tofu pieces served with a tomato sauce. It tasted like barely salted water. Seriously, just give me water instead! Ugh…I couldn’t finish it. Aside from the bad experiences I had, I found some truly amazing vegan / vegetarian restaurants and amazing recipes online. There are so many great food bloggers / instagramers / youtubers, so that kept me going and i’m so glad I did. While, I’m very excited about my journey, I don’t want to “push” this lifestyle change on anyone. I’m currently reading about the benefits of different diets. Some are meat-based with proven positive results. To each their own. Everyone is different and something that works well for me, might not be the best for someone else. There is also the fact that positive thinking plays a major role in our well being, so if someone is absolutely miserable on a veganish diet, it defeats the purpose.

I briefly vented on twitter this week about the fact that everyone seems confused about treatments for chronic diseases. Not only that, but the amount of complete opposite opinions (opinions based on actual research) on certain foods is not helping. For example, try reading about the pros and cons of drinking coffee, of following a ketogenic diet, or a raw vegan diet, or eating “almost raw meats” and the effects of grains or oils and…. I find it interesting to read from “both sides” and learn more about the ways our body warns us that something is wrong. How our body has a defence mechanism to protect us from more serious health problems (for example, our fat helps to avoid releasing too much toxins in our body, so if you’re having a hard time loosing weight, be grateful that your body is able to trap toxins and really help you out. A body cleanse to rid of toxins is better than focusing on quick weight loss).

In short, my newest lifestyle has helped not only with my diet, but also with finding different facts about health and wellness. I keep on learning and I’m loving it.

Thx for reading and please share your thoughts.


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